All tailor-made solutions for removable insulated hoods

From the design of a prototype to its mass production, from the single part to series of 5,000 units per year, IDR supports you in the development of dedicated solutions up to 1370°C.

Tailor made solutions

Our integrated design office is able to respond to your specific requests.

Our thermal and acoustic insulation systems are custom developed to best meet your constraints.

  • Reduced spacing
  • Ease of assembly
  • Accessibility for maintenance operations
  • Resistance to use constraints

Our in-depth knowledge of insulating materials and our mechanical expertise allow us to guarantee complete responses to the various issues exposed.

A wide range of insulating materials

Based on your specifications, we offer a wide range of insulators. These certified, high performance materials meet all situations (extreme temperatures, vibrations, need for sealing, resistance to fluids, etc.).

Typical applications

  • Pipe insulation, exhaust manifolds, catalysts, SCR, particulate filters, turbos, compressors EGR valves, NOx sensors, Scrubber
  • Engine insulation for Solas certification
  • Stage V / Euro 6 engine insulation
  • Thermal blanket
  • Soundproofing